Saturday, March 26, 2016

Extra Life is Coming - Game Selection Round 2!

Okay folks, the next batch of Dungeonthon potential games is ready to roll. The first games to make it to our Final Three bracket for Extra Life were Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, Narcissist, and Hellcats & Hockey Sticks!

Please vote for your favorite games of the new batch at this link here!

And remember, the Dungeonthon benefits sick children in Nashville, TN! Donate at Extra Life and watch us on in November for 24 hours of nonstop tabletop!

Donate here!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Extra Life is Coming - YOU CAN HELP

Attention PCs and NPCs, the time has come once again to prepare for the Great 24 Hour Dungeonthon supporting the Extra Life charity and the Monroe J. Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Last year's run through the Temple of Elemental Evil raised $720.00 to help sick kids, and this year we're hoping to do even better! Before fundraising begins in earnest, though, your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master needs your help!
This year, rather than a single 24 hour mega-module, I'll be running the intrepid Dungeoneers through three, 8 hour adventures in three different genres and systems, over the period of November 5 through November 6. In order to pare down my dozens of potential game systems down to only three, I'm going to need your input!
If there's a game you want to add to the running, or if you want to cheat the system and vote more than once, please make a nominal donation to the Extra Life campaign, with a comment including the system you want to see us run - every dollar helps sick kids!